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Good Luggage



Did I mention I’m going away in a few weeks??  Well shit just got real.  When you buy luggage you know this is real.  I haven’t been on a plane to go on a vacation to where there are palm trees and bluish green water in years.  And no, I’m not talking along the coastal lines of the warmer weather states.  But I’ll let you know soon enough.

View of evening at the Desert's Palace Road, R...

View of evening at the Desert’s Palace Road, Rahim Yar Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, we thought some good  and new luggage would be in order.  So off to Kohl’s I went.  Good Lord there are too many decisions to make but most important I was a bit disappointed in their lack of associates there.  Hell, there weren’t any in the luggage department and yet there was a sale going on. OK so I wanted a nice set.  Well two nice set.  A his and hers.  After all, I need my things separate.  So after about 30 minutes of hunting and testing zippers and blah blah blah, here’s this set pictured above.

Very nice, sturdy, his is brown, mine is purple.  5 piece on sale. We hunted down an associate and he helped us piece everything together.  At the same time a manager was wearing me down about opening an account.  I have enough credit cards. But she goes on and on about if I open the card I’ll save 30% on the entire purchase.  She was a helluva wrangler cause luggage ain’t cheap.  And as much as I didn’t want a credit card I took it.  After all the luggage was on sale.

Anyway, go to the cashier with our new 5 piece luggage sets a piece to find out that they weren’t de-nested and had to be sold separately. WHAT!!!!!!  I’ve spent all this time at Kohl’s trying to get the perfect luggage and maxi dresses for this trip (I’ll show them off in another post) and now the luggage is sold separate?  I mean do you think I’m Oprah?  I mean in my head I’m bawlin but not quite like that in real life.

So they call management up front as I insisted that an associate helped us put it together and blah blah blah.  Another associate who actually works in luggage takes me to show me what the actual 5 piece was and it didn’t hold a candle to this set.  So it stayed on the shelf.  I settled for the big luggage and carry on which I think still looks good.  The manager said to the cashier

Manager: “Take another 20% off for the confusion and their troubles”.

Cashier: “But they are already getting 30% off for opening up a credit card.

Me In my Head: “Bitch, shut the f^@k up.  Ain’t nobody tryna hear all dat”.

Manager:  ”Do it anyway”

Me In my Head:  ”That’s right…I got it Like that”.

So in all, we saved over half of our total because let’s not forget every item we bought was on sale..  I walked out of Kohl’s tired and yet I felt like I concurred the world.  And oh yeah, ended up getting $120 in store credit to spend between now and the 1st of June.  I’ll be going back possibly tomorrow.





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2 Responses to “Good Luggage”

  1. Jana says:

    Great bargain – even if it wasn’t the bargain you thought it was. ;)

  2. I see you are back from vacation. Did you enjoy it and where did you go?

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