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She’s In Full Bloom



She’s in Full Bloom and I couldn’t be happier.  11 Flowers and counting.  She’ll keep doing this all summer.  Her name is Pride and Joy.  I’ve had her now for about 10 or more years.  She was a little baby when I got her.  No bigger than maybe 6 inches with one flower.  She has traveled with me across country and back.  She’s never let me down and I’ll always take great care of her. I know I shouldn’t show favoritism but I love her so much.  I talk to her, I dust her and in return she blesses me with flowers.  And I always thank her for the flowers.  She’s outgrown this pot but I refuse to separate her.  Once I get her in a bigger pot I’ll never be able to move her but I’m gonna attempt it this weekend.  My Pride and Joy…I love you.

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  1. I had a plant like that and I killed her. When the weather started changing I forgot to bring her inside. Try as I might I could bring her back to life. She needs a bigger pot for sure. Don’t worry she will be okay.

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