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He asked and I said…YES!!!!!

I’m Back from Vacation

DSCN2802Whew!!! I’m back and it took me this long to get my thoughts back in place.  So in case you don’t know already, I went to Jamaica and had a blast.  I came back, refreshed, renewed and ready to get my hands and feet muddy with work.  The weather was sunny and hot every single day and not a cloud in the sky.  And the water…it was see through.  You could see all the way down to your toes no matter how far you went in.  It was so calm and so serene.  I’ve never seen an ocean so calm.

I’m not sure what kind of flower this is but she’s very protective of herself.  I went to pull her a litter closer to me to smell it but as you can see, she’s got something thicker than thorns on her spine that say stay away.  But it had a beautiful aroma.

Anyway, I’m back, had a blast and would definitely go back.  I hope my vacation state of mind can last for a while.


Proud Mama


BoysGirls club

It is with great pride and happiness thtat I share this news with you.  My middle daughter Jasmine got her first job.  She’s 15 and it will be a summer job.  From the time Jasmine was about 7 or 8 should would tell me “When I grow up I want to work with children.  I don’t care what kind of job it is as long as I work with Children”.  I would ask her why and she would say, “Cause I just love them”.  I would laugh and say, “and your such a big girl yourself.  She would say “Mommy I’m being serious”.  She said it so much that I believed her and stopped joking with her but started commending her.

How does a 7 or 8-year-old know about loving children when she is just a child herself.  She hadn’t lived on this earth long enough to know about loving children.  Honestly, she was 2 when I had her brother and when she held him I knew right then that they were bonded for life.  She knew exactly how to hold him and talk to him and calm him down.  It was almost like he was her baby.  She would tell him “If anything ever happens to Mommy you don’t have to worry cause I’ll take care of you”.  And she said it like she meant it.’

She still watches over him in that special motherly way.  Well, it’s all paid off.  She’s had babysitting jobs here andthere and would say “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to play with kids”.  The parents would say to me, Jasmine has got to be the greatest sitter we have ever had.  Parents and children love her. The girl has a special spirit and it pours into loving children.

Jasmine will be a Jr Counselor at the Boys and Girls Club.  She will be working with the 8 to 9-year-old age group and was told that some days she may be working with a younger age group.  I remember my first job was at age 15 at McDonald’s.  So I know she feels like she’s sitting on top of the world.  This is the beginning of the rest of her life.  Her dream of working with children is here and happening.  This hopefully, will guide her into what she would like to do with children in her future.  Whatever she does, she will be successful.  I couldn’t be prouder.

Good Luggage



Did I mention I’m going away in a few weeks??  Well shit just got real.  When you buy luggage you know this is real.  I haven’t been on a plane to go on a vacation to where there are palm trees and bluish green water in years.  And no, I’m not talking along the coastal lines of the warmer weather states.  But I’ll let you know soon enough.

View of evening at the Desert's Palace Road, R...

View of evening at the Desert’s Palace Road, Rahim Yar Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, we thought some good  and new luggage would be in order.  So off to Kohl’s I went.  Good Lord there are too many decisions to make but most important I was a bit disappointed in their lack of associates there.  Hell, there weren’t any in the luggage department and yet there was a sale going on. OK so I wanted a nice set.  Well two nice set.  A his and hers.  After all, I need my things separate.  So after about 30 minutes of hunting and testing zippers and blah blah blah, here’s this set pictured above.

Very nice, sturdy, his is brown, mine is purple.  5 piece on sale. We hunted down an associate and he helped us piece everything together.  At the same time a manager was wearing me down about opening an account.  I have enough credit cards. But she goes on and on about if I open the card I’ll save 30% on the entire purchase.  She was a helluva wrangler cause luggage ain’t cheap.  And as much as I didn’t want a credit card I took it.  After all the luggage was on sale.

Anyway, go to the cashier with our new 5 piece luggage sets a piece to find out that they weren’t de-nested and had to be sold separately. WHAT!!!!!!  I’ve spent all this time at Kohl’s trying to get the perfect luggage and maxi dresses for this trip (I’ll show them off in another post) and now the luggage is sold separate?  I mean do you think I’m Oprah?  I mean in my head I’m bawlin but not quite like that in real life.

So they call management up front as I insisted that an associate helped us put it together and blah blah blah.  Another associate who actually works in luggage takes me to show me what the actual 5 piece was and it didn’t hold a candle to this set.  So it stayed on the shelf.  I settled for the big luggage and carry on which I think still looks good.  The manager said to the cashier

Manager: “Take another 20% off for the confusion and their troubles”.

Cashier: “But they are already getting 30% off for opening up a credit card.

Me In my Head: “Bitch, shut the f^@k up.  Ain’t nobody tryna hear all dat”.

Manager:  ”Do it anyway”

Me In my Head:  ”That’s right…I got it Like that”.

So in all, we saved over half of our total because let’s not forget every item we bought was on sale..  I walked out of Kohl’s tired and yet I felt like I concurred the world.  And oh yeah, ended up getting $120 in store credit to spend between now and the 1st of June.  I’ll be going back possibly tomorrow.





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She’s In Full Bloom



She’s in Full Bloom and I couldn’t be happier.  11 Flowers and counting.  She’ll keep doing this all summer.  Her name is Pride and Joy.  I’ve had her now for about 10 or more years.  She was a little baby when I got her.  No bigger than maybe 6 inches with one flower.  She has traveled with me across country and back.  She’s never let me down and I’ll always take great care of her. I know I shouldn’t show favoritism but I love her so much.  I talk to her, I dust her and in return she blesses me with flowers.  And I always thank her for the flowers.  She’s outgrown this pot but I refuse to separate her.  Once I get her in a bigger pot I’ll never be able to move her but I’m gonna attempt it this weekend.  My Pride and Joy…I love you.

Eating Healthy

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard S...

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard School of Public Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So as you know I’m on a quest to maintain my healthiness.  I’m still drinking my veggie fruit drinks and now I did the one thing I  thought I’d never do.  I cut the sugar.  Can I tell you I have been going around here like a junkie looking for her next fix.  I didn’t realize how much sugar I consumed until I stopped using it.  Now I had stopped using sugar in my coffee and tea a while ago and let me tell you….that wasn’t easy.  I still drink my sweet tea when I do make it but I haven’t had it recently.

I’ve been watching my carb intake as well.  Now most of you who know me are saying to yourselves “what the hell for you ain’t no bigger than a stringbean”.  True, but this stringbean is trying to be here for another 45 years.  As I’ve said before, the older you get, the more you realize that you need to take care of yourself from the inside out.  When you’re young you worry about the outward appearance but with heart problems and cancer history in my family I have to take care of the inside first and that will take care of the outside.  My skin is so much healthier, my hair and my nails.  I’m in a better frame of mind.  Oh and did I mention I’m up to brisk walking 2 miles a day.  Yes, I did drop 2 pounds in one week, but everything is so much tighter.  I may be skinny, but as you get older gravity takes hold of you and flabs start to show.

I also booked a trip and will be going away in a few weeks.  Not gonna tell you yet where I’m going but I will tell you and share pictures once I return.  I’m even working on my core section using the total gym.  Yes, people, sh*t has gotten serious.  I’m proud of this new lifestyle journey that I’m taking.

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Sugar Candy Crush

Candy Sugar Crush


Who else is as addicted as I am?  I just realized there are 365 levels.  I’m now up to level 65.  First I played for the fun of it but the higher the level the more strategic it gets.  Tell me the truth, are you playing?

From Garden to Mouth


Mother’s Day Is Coming

Mother's Day 2 Mother's Day 3 MothersDayphoto 1


Mother’s Day is coming.  We only get one. Wether she birthed you or not, she raised you, reared you as the old timers would say, taught you right from wrong.  She changed your diapers, held your hand when you crossed the street, wiped your tears when you shared your first broken heart. She wiped her tears when you left home for the first time and shared the joy of you becoming a parent.

Sure, we’ve all had moments when we thought, “Whatever” when she scolded us, and then we’ve all had the “I’ll never do that again as long as I can get home to my Mom”.  And there are many of you who at this very moment are saying “I Miss My MoM.  If I could just have one more day I would…….”.

You only get one. Celebrate the joy of her in your life this weekend.  Don’t just make it for one day, make it for everyday.  And for those who currently lost their mom or who haven’t had their mom with them for years, take time to reflect.  Go ahead and cry, she was a part or you.  She still is.


New Button

So as I’ve mentioned in the past I plan on redoing my page and moving forward. I’ve started with a new logo and blog button.  What do you think?  Go ahead and grab it.  I’m gonna be grabbing  yours and adding to my blog roll. Yep, gotta add that too.  A Blog Roll.  I’m getting there. I’m gonna put it on my blog so you can go ahead and grab





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